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Campers rental conditions:

• A tenant shall have a valid passport and a driving license of the category B, meanwhile the category C of a driving license is needed for the camper Hobby Siesta T 65 FL. It is also required for a driver to be over 25 year old. The tenant who has made an infringement of traffic rules or different ones during his/her rent still is considered liable after the return of the vehicle.

• Oil and water level, air pressure in tires shall be controlled by a tenant every time when he/she fills the camper fuel tank or when he/she sets out for a new trip day.

• A client shall pay 150 Eur as a primary pledge in order to make a camper reservation. If no pledge is paid the camper may be offered to some other clients. After the pledge is paid, the Rental Contract is empowered which guarantees that the service provider shall not give the vehicle to anybody else or use it in any other way. 24 hours for rent shall start with the date which is provided in the Vehicle Receiving or Transmitting Act. Refusing the trip within 30 days renders the advance of 150 Eur unreturned.

• The tenant shall remit the whole rent fee to Service Provider's account or pay in cash no later than 21 day before the beginning of the rent. Transmitting of a prepared vehicle for exploitation shall be carried out after the tenant has paid in advance the whole rental price and paid 450 Eur in addition for the pledge to make the total amount of franchise of 600 Eur. We offer only technically trimmed campers, therefore we expect they are returned technically trimmed, including no additional inside or outside defects, full fuel and gas tanks, drained and cleaned biotoilet cartridges, drained water  from both containers. Franchise pledge (600 Eur) shall be returned to the tenant after a complete vehicle inspection. The tenant after returning the vehicle with poorly trimmed interior or with full sewage and WC containers shall pay the fine of 50 Eur. The vehicle shall be returned at the same address as it was handed-over.

• The tenant is obliged to use the Green Card – Civil Liability Insurance (the tenant shall make sure that his/her visited country is in the list of the Green Card (in Civil Liability Insurance). Otherwise the tenant shall buy a separate insurance for entering that country at his/her own cost.

• The tenant shall report any his/her traffic accident, camper's or its equipment damage, theft during a trip

• If you notice during your trip any failures of the camper, please report them to us.

• It is prohibited to smoke and carry pets in travel vehicles.

• It is prohibited to travel to any places of a war or natural disasters.

• It is prohibited to transport any drugs, explosives, guns and any excess of permitted alcohol or tobacco production amount as well as using the camper for any other illegal purposes.

• It is prohibited to carry more of travelers than it is defined by the camper manufacturer. It is important to know that when an accident happens in such a case, the insurance may be void, therefore the expenses due to the accidence shall be covered by a guilty party.

• Please refer for other conditions in the Camper Rental Contract.

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