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Useful information

Rental campers are an option for those willing to travel in a cost-effective and trouble-free way. Here you will find a few recommendations and useful tips which can be useful for everyone who is interested in campers.

  • Make yourselves a list of the most necessary things before going on a trip; It is necessary to pay attention to the traffic rules of other countries, taxes, plan the locations for staying at camping sites in order to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Total weight of a camper is 3.5 t, and one shouldn't overload the vehicle since campers in Europe get their weight verified. One can get a fine for permitted weight excess. Maximum allowed total weight of the camper Hobby Siesta T 65 FL is 3.85 t. and it is required to have the category C of a driving license.
  • Camping sites and parking lots limit electricity power, and special household electrical appliances which are designed for campers should be used  

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